Crew Leasing Specialists

Our global understanding and experience enables us to adapt to varying market needs and regional nuances of many different clients worldwide. We develop Crew Leasing contracts that give you flexibility around the number of crewmembers needed, contract length, base of duty, and all other contractual details that are important to you.

Full Service Crew Management

We closely manage our contracted Aviation Professionals and support them throughout the contract. Flight Crew International saves clients time and money by handling all of the following:

• Benefits
• Payroll Processing
• Administrative Tasks
• Relocation Assistance
• Employment & Family Visas
• Contractual Responsibilities
• Employee-Relations Services
• Retirement Advisory Services
• Global Insurance Provision – Medical, Loss of License, Personal Accident

Dedicated Account Manager

We also assign a dedicated Contract Manager to each client who serves as a direct liaison between the contracted crew and the client’s Flight Operations department. The Account Manager:

• Assists with daily tasks
• Ensures there is a positive and productive work environment
• Helps crewmembers understand the airline’s policies and procedures
• Makes regular visits to meet with our client and the contracted crewmembers

Pilot Support Group

Assimilating crews to their new base is a priority as we know it reduces attrition, allows pilots to focus on their new assignment, and fosters a healthy, successful work relationship between the client airline and crewmembers.

We achieve this objective by establishing a Pilot Support Group in our client’s home country. The local Pilot Support Group helps crewmembers adjust to the airline’s policies, procedures, and protocols and helps them understand and embrace a culture which may be new to them.

Local FCI Representative

Based upon our client’s and crewmembers’ needs, we will also place a Local Flight Crew International Representative in our client’s home country. This is a Flight Crew International employee who speaks the local language and understands the local culture.

The Local FCI Representative works closely with the client airline and our headquarters to ensure things are always progressing smoothly, efficiently, and in an organized manner.

The Local FCI Representative also assists with urgent matters and helps contracted crewmembers in the event they need to deal with authorities or locals where speaking the language and understanding the native culture can help resolve issues quickly.

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We will help your operation save time and money by placing the right crewmembers, the first time and providing them with professional, ongoing support worldwide.

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