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Pilot Testimonials

"Flight Crew International (FCI) is a professional agency and their people are ready to help pilots to comply with all the requirements necessary for employment, and, even more important, they care about you as a person – you are not just a number or a file for them. Every time I had a question or a doubt before, during or after my assessment process, they were always ready to answer in a few hours and often within minutes. I'm very grateful especially to my FCI agent, who was a committed, kind, helpful, and friendly lady ready to help me always. FCI was behind me and supported me since the very beginning of this adventure and I am now ready for my first flight as a B-777 Commander and I just want to say…THANK YOU VERY MUCH FCI! Thank you for all your help and commitment…good job!"
Captain Francesco McGregor
B777 Commander and TRI/TRE, Jet Airways
"Flight Crew International (FCI)assisted me throughout the entire recruitment process with comprehensive support whenever I requested and by all available means. They responded to all my questions and concerns and were extremely easy to work with. I greatly appreciate all their cooperation, guidance and understanding. I am proud to have worked with FCI and it would be a pleasure to work with them again"
Alberto Mansilla
Director of Maintenance and Engineering
"Flight Crew International (FCI) was kind and above all efficient in handling everything, from making sure my documentation was complete, to sending me the complete package application for the position and forwarding it to the airline once completed by me. Flight Crew International took care that the travel arrangements were right when I went to the interview and again when it was time to go to training. Only good things to say about Flight Crew International. Very professional work and organization."
Captain Carlos Diaz
B767 Commander, Ethiopian Airlines
"I'm pleased to inform you that I signed the contract with Turkish Airlines (THY) today. I would like to thank you very much for the support and the valuable information provided in assisting me to successfully complete the screening process."
Captain Alberto Nardelli
A330 Commander, Turkish Airlines
"I was employed as a contract pilot by Flight Crew International (FCI), for about five and a half years, as an MD-11 Captain. My former airline employment was as a direct hire for a major, unionized, airline.  I'd heard of many unhappy experiences with other Pilot Contracting companies, but the experience I had working for FCI was extremely good. FCI management was always aware, and attentive to, the issues the pilots, and these efforts resulted in a fine, and rewarding, working arrangement.  The management team at FCI treated all of their pilots as real people, and they took a real interest in helping to provide real, long-term, security for each of us, both in terms of continuing employment, as well as pension and healthcare concerns.  Thank you for those good years you provided me! My best personal regards."
Captain Harold Sieglinger
Chief Pilot, Flight Technical Services, Boeing
"I found Flight Crew International (FCI)very supportive and swift in replying to my emails and phone calls all through the pre and post interview process. I really appreciated the time spent by their recruiters in trying to get me information and answers I needed from my future employer. Overall working with FCI has been a great pleasure, and as a Captain, I felt confident in the professional services they offered and the team's good faith. I would definitely work with FCI again"
Captain Lorenzo Tombacco
Embraer 170/190 Commander, Oman Air
"Flight Crew International (FCI) is a very professional broker for pilots. They provide all the information that you need and make a daily follow-up in order to help with all the details. They are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. I strongly recommend my colleagues to use their service – they will have a great experience and will be very happy with their new job."
Captain Daniel Bello
B767 Commander, Ethiopian Airlines
"I've done several contract trips with a few different companies in the past and Flight Crew International (FCI) has always been one of my favorite companies to interact with. FCI is a great company because they respond to my concerns and are easy to reach either by phone or email. I receive my flight information and payment in a timely fashion, which makes flying for them convenient and enjoyable. It is a pleasure working with them, and I hope there are more contract trips in the future"
Captain Kimberly Perkins
Lear 60 Captain and Instructor Pilot
"There were a couple of expatriate pilots I met with which had dealings with Flight Crew International (FCI) in the past and, as I may say so, they agreed with me that FCI is the most efficient and friendliest broker we ever had the pleasure to work with and the only one I have ever commented like this. A great asset to pilots!"
Captain Hendrik de Vries
B737NG Commander, ArkeFly
"Flight Crew International (FCI) is a trustworthy partner. They have always responded to my enquiries, accurately processed my payroll, and have always found very good solutions to my requests. It is a real pleasure to work with FCI. I highly recommend them."
Captain Martin Nicoghossian
B737NG Commander, Ethiopian Airlines
"One more time, many thanks to you and your team for the wonderful job you are doing for us...your office is always very efficient and prompt and it is a real pleasure to work with Flight Crew International (FCI). Your organization is very good and everything is always perfect. Thank you again."
Captain Patrick Herpin
B737NG Commander, Ryanair
"Flight Crew International (FCI) has been very kind and precise in arranging my interview. Their answers to my questions have been ever very quick and their support has been constant, both before and after the assessments with the airline."
Emanuele Cardinale, Operations
Operations, Fuel Management Department, Alitalia
"Flight Crew International (FCI) has been a pleasure to work with. They are your go to person if you would like to work for Jet Airways. Always returns your calls, answers your concerns.  Flight Crew International will help you keep your application on track."
Captain Gregor Mericle
former B777 Commander, American Airlines
"Thank you again for everything! Flight Crew International (FCI) was really the most efficient and friendliest broker I ever had the pleasure to deal with!"
Captain Leonardo Arian Kaczurowskyj
B737NG Commander, Ethiopian Airlines
"What great service Flight Crew International (FCI) provides in comparison to some other agencies! Very prompt and pro-active! Many thanks!"
Captain David Wardle
B737NG Commander, Jet2.com 
"Compared to other big recruitment offices around the world, Flight Crew International (FCI) showed how things can be handled – short, precise, and direct. My application with Flight Crew International (FCI) to apply for a B737NG Captain position with Ethiopian Airlines, Addis Ababa was a very good experience. Before attending, very precise documents were handed out to me (4 files each) from FCI – clear, short, and informative. Boarding the ET 707 flight FRA-ADD and getting First Class service bound for Addis Ababa was just nice. Could someone imagine some old days with Pan Am 🙂 Arriving to a different society in Addis Ababa than Europe though greeted with a smile and easiness and the arrival and hotel accommodation was carried out smoothly. Thanks to Flight Crew International (FCI) for a nice plan to become familiar with a pilot screening – far away from home!"
Captain Bjarne Lastein
B737NG Commander, Ethiopian Airlines
"I would like to express my thanks for a job well done. The service, knowledge, and follow-up provided by my FCI Recruitment Consultant made it a pleasure to work with FCI. She did a great assistance to connect me with Dana Air.  I would definitely suggest Flight Crew International to anyone looking for employment whether it is full-time or part-time. It really does work!"
Saeed Zahedi
New Manager of Planning and Engineering, Dana Air
"As a pilot who is currently working in the contract world of flying it is a very demanding business. Not only to provide the clients with the service they are a custom to but have the support team in place to help make it happen. The Flight Crew International (FCI) team has the drive and support for the flight crew members to be successful. The crew support that I have received on the trips done for FCI have been above and beyond what I have come to expect from other operators. The owner of FCI is hands on and is involved in the day to day operations. While working contract for Flight Crew International I was always paid in a timely manner and truly felt like a member of a team with the same goals."
Captain Kenneth Hubbard
Falcon 2000 Contract Pilot

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