We Give Clients More Options, More Flexibility

The Aviation industry is constantly changing, and we understand that clients require greater flexibility regarding its employees.

Contract-to-Hire is a service Flight Crew International offers which gives clients the option to hire our Aviation Professionals as Permanent Placements after first employing them as Contract Crew.

Clients initially hire our Aviation Professionals as contract employees for a specified time. If they are satisfied with their performance, the client can then convert the leased crews to full-time direct employees. This option gives clients the opportunity to build a relationship with our Aviation Professionals and also allows them to evaluate the employee on the job to determine if he or she is a good fit for their organization.

Contract-to-Hire Benefits

The majority of our Contract-to-Hire assignments lead to Permanent Placements.

Flight Crew International’s Contract-to-Hire service has proven to be beneficial because it gives clients much needed flexibility when they are:

• Testing New Routes
• Experiencing Growth
• Fulfilling Seasonal Needs
• Phasing-Out Aircraft Types
• Integrating New Aircraft Types
• Taking Delivery of New Aircraft
• Covering Unexpected Staffing Gaps
• Experiencing Changes in Market Demand

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We work in partnership with our global customers to develop creative and flexible recruitment solutions, which increases the pool of qualified pilots for our clients and allows them to better manage their labor costs and resources.

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