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EVA Air is a Star Alliance member and is currently serving 77 destinations worldwide with 74 aircrafts. It is a privately-owned Taiwanese airline and is the sister company of Evergreen Marine Corporation, which is the world-famous shipping line in terms of container operation.

Currently EVA Air has over 250 expatriate pilots, making up 25% of the airline’s total flight crew and there are big plans to continually grow their expatriate community. The airline is a Star Alliance member and is currently serving 77 destinations worldwide with 74 aircraft and is steadily expanding.


There are more positives than negatives at EVA Air – This was the sentiment echoed regularly throughout my trip to EVA Air in April 2019.

EVA Air have an inclusive and supportive outlook to their expatriate crew and management is focussed on learning and improving. No request was ever hard enough – within reason of course! Although initial training can be tough and focussed, the instructors and expatriate community are also very focussed on helping each other. Here at FCI, my focus is also to foster a crew who are engaging, emphatic and supportive of each other.

EVA Air certainly offers rosters where there are enough rest days before the next duty. Within the B777 marketplace it offers a roster that gives you enough rest days and a relaxed lifestyle – you also get to fly both cargo and passenger services. This will mean you will have the opportunity to go biking or hiking during your days off!

Taiwan is clean – it is cleaner than Auckland, New Zealand and almost on par in terms of cleanliness with Singapore. Both EVA Air and the Taiwanese community are focussed on a sustainable, greener and healthier earth.  Everywhere you go, you must sort your waste into different categories – food waste, rubbish, paper or plastic recyclables. Not only that, you will also hear the rubbish truck – it plays the Für Elise music as it drives past! 

Taiwan is also better in terms of air quality compared to its neighbors. Although there were days with smog – when exploring the countryside of Taiwan, it is lush and green.


  • Secure a B777 TR – move into widebody!
  • Live rent free at the crew apartments or opt in for accommodation allowances
  • Medical Coverage + Loss of License & Accident Insurances
  • Commuting Contract – Guaranteed 8 Block Days OFF each month
  • Relaxed roster and one of the best B777 roster!


My name is Agatha and I am the Regional Manager for FCI. My role is to ensure your journey to EVA Air and beyond is as easy as possible.  I will provide guidance to you during the whole application and recruitment process and I am also your point of contact when you are on contract. I might not be a pilot, but I know the ins and outs of EVA and I am committed to you.

I’m Malaysian by birth but have lived in NZ for the last 23 years so essentially, I identify myself as a Kiwi (New Zealander)! I thought Taiwan would be easy for me to assimilate into – I was wrong on that count!

My suggestion to flight crews looking into Taiwan is to be prepared to experience something amazing – Taiwan is modern yet traditional, organized yet chaotic, humidity and cold temperatures – you will see, and experience two spectrums collide. The slow and fast pace of life is merged in Taiwan!


EVA Air has various expatriate communities and local pilots. It is all about making connections here – the more you socialize the faster you will have a good base of contacts and friends you can celebrate life in Taiwan with.

When I was at Taiwan, I met up with a friend from my university days; she had also introduced me to her friends and that meant in a short ten days, I expanded my connections to three other Taiwanese locals.

While friendship takes time, my advice to expatriate pilots is to hang out at the cafeteria and keep making connections – you will find a pretty friendly and helpful bunch of people. One of FCI’s crew was able to connect with the local Filipino group, therefore he had made connections early on. Our two Korean pilots are paving their way into growing their Korean connections!


Taiwan is safe, friendly and helpful – it is an epitome of a safe country! There are no guns, nor are there any drugs and for a hapless traveller it’s the best place to be! I could not count the amount of times I was lost. Even with my limited and elementary Mandarin, I managed to find where I needed to go or seek assistance easily!  Sure, one will need to be careful with ones’ personal belongings as you do anywhere but as a single, 5/2 female going places at all hours of the day, I have felt much safer in Taiwan than in Auckland.

My Mandarin is elementary, and I can also understand the local Taiwanese Hokkien dialect. Even with my elementary Mandarin, the moment the locals realize I am giving everything to communicate with them (albeit hand gestures and Google Translate) they open up, and they go out their way to help! One or two of the food vendors went as far as to teach me how to order beef noodles in perfect Mandarin not to mention helping me order a taxi!

Cost of Living
Cost of living in Taiwan is relatively low – I spent about USD170 in 10 days.  During this time, I took my crews out for dinners, utilized taxis, buses and MRT to travel and explore. Food is so much cheaper in Taiwan than anywhere else in the world and locals tend not cook very much in Taiwan. I depended on 7Eleven and they sell local delights and pre-packaged meals that are delicious, healthy and filling. The rule of thumb is this – eat where the locals eat (where there is a queue) – and you can guarantee it is good and cheap! The locals will also jump in and give you suggestions.

Traffic is loud, heavy and confusing in Taiwan – this is a city of scooters!  There are limited sidewalks and when they exist, they can be uneven and difficult to navigate. Although there are traffic signs in English, intersections are extremely busy, so  you do need to pay attention as it can dangerous. I have seen countless of “scooter crash” near misses when exploring Tao Yuan and Taipei.

On the plus side, the public transport system is clean, safe and on-time.  The MRT, bus and train networks are comprehensive, easy to understand and has English translations so it’s easy to get around. It is also rare to wait for more than 5 minutes for a train and most connections are timed to sync!

Taipei has it all – quiet cafés, swanky lounges, neighborhood bars, expat hangouts, bistros, cafés and shopping streets. Taiwan is certainly famous for its lively night markets (there are a lot!) which stay open until midnight. Around the crew apartments in Tao Yuan, there are good eateries around – from pizzas, steakhouses to the local street vendor.



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